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Pope on UK Tour Must Have Mixed Aggressive Secular and Religion

Pope Benedict XVI made an impressive start to his UK visit on Thursday September 16, 2010 but his warnings about Britain falling under an aggressive secularism (BBC website news, September 17, 2010) were way off the mark, and made him seem out of touch. Maybe he has been ill-advised about Britain, and seems to know as much about Britain as Tony Blair, a devout Christian, did about Iraq!

Britain is Trying to Wean Itself Off Religious War and Inequality

Far from falling under an aggressive secularity, Britain was becoming more equal and peaceful under an increasingly benign religious order until Tony Blair stirred up a hornet’s nest with New Labour’s multicultural policy: which was imposed with an aggressive mantra that bordered on fascism.

Those who dared question it in the media, such as Robert Kilroy-Silk, were promptly removed from the circle of legitimate controversy for going against the dominant hegemonic discourse. The suppression of religious criticism gave Islamic hate preachers working in the UK a licence to spread propaganda and religious bigotry.


War in Kosovo and Iraq

After sending British troops into a Sierra Leone operation that was successful for troops and the people, Tony Blair’s next two wars both had a religious angle, as he became a NATO hawk in the Kosovo War, as NATO tried to protect Muslim Kosovans who’d started a war with the Christian Serbs.

After 9/11, which was a political-religious attack by Muslim terrorists on the USA that caused over 3,000 deaths, Tony Blair sent UK troops into Iraq along with American forces, under another devout Christian, President George W. Bush.

Thousands of civilians died in and after the war, although most were from intra-Islamic fighting between Sunni and Shia followers. It was then portrayed by Muslims as a religious attack by the Christian West on Islam, and the crusades of Christian history were resurrected as a metaphor.

Even Muslims have a hard time criticising the NATO war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, as the Taliban religious fundamentalists have created a hell on earth for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Britain Attacked in the Name of Religion

The Iraq war; as well as Chechnya and Bosnia, despite Britain being more supportive of Muslims in those wars than critical; was then used as an excuse by Muslim terrorists in the UK for their 7/7 attack on the London transport system in 2003, which resulted in over 50 deaths.

This was despite New Labour ploughing millions of tax-payers’ money into Islamist organisations. Again, religion and its wars had brought death to British streets.

Britain and Ireland are of course still recovering from the intra-Christian religious wars between Catholics and Protestants that lasted for decades on the two neighbouring islands, and which caused thousands of deaths.

A new wave of violence and terrorism has been threatened by the Real IRA.

Tony Blair has Continued his Religious Mission

Tony Blair has continued his religious mission in the Middle-East, which is still in turmoil 2000 years after competitive monotheism started, and he has set up a faith foundation as a hub for his work.

His intentions may be good, but his religious mission seems to have cost more lives than it has saved so far.

Meanwhile; unlike many countries under strong religious leadership; secular Sweden is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and is regularly one of the highest positioned nations in studies on equality, freedom of speech, press freedom and non-corruption.

Maybe the Pope should concentrate on getting his own Vatican state in order before criticising others.

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