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Issues Of Life

Issues of life are universal to all human beings. Generally speaking, issues of life can include childhood and growing up, employment and career satisfaction, relationships with family and friends, relationships with lovers, marriage and having children, divorce, religion and God. Death is also a very important issue of life. Self-identity is another important issue. In other words, virtually any important facet of the human experience can be considered an issue of life.

Because of their importance to us, issues of life can cause us stress and worry. For example, childhood itself is a very stressful time, even if one enjoys a good childhood, because children by their very nature are experiencing life at warp speed, along with all the problems of adjustment that one encounters when growing up. Children also experience their first encounters with life issues: love, betrayal, security and the lack of it, disillusionment and death. The more help they get in experiencing these issues, whether in the form of psychotherapy or some other form of counseling, the better equipped they will be for life’s journey.


Help with Issues of Life

Life issues can be negative and seem insurmountable and overwhelming. When something bad happens to us, such as divorce or the loss of a loved one, we have emotional reactions to this event. Not everyone reacts the same way; some give voice to their emotions, and some bury their emotions. How each person deals with these emotions depends on factors such as personality, culture, and upbringing. However, some deal better with life’s difficulty than others.

For example, substance abuse is a common subterfuge of those who don’t know how to deal with life’s difficulties very well. Sure, alcohol and drugs provide a temporary relief from pain and confusion, but in the end they only serve to do more harm than good. Therapy of some form or another is a positive way to deal with not only life’s problems, but the fallout as well, such as substance abuse.

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