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Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: A Healthy Way to Tan

This product drew my attention because it was advertised as a gradual glow. You get maximum color after one week of use. I have used self tanners in the past and I don’t care what the bottle says somehow I managed to streak every time. The color never looks ” Natural” at least they do not work on me. This product taking a gradual approach and describing the color as a ” Glow” was very appealing to me.

I drove to Rite Aid my favorite place to get body care and cosmetics and purchased the product. They also sell a separate product for facial color. The bottle is very pretty and appealing and it dispenses the lotion without a mess allowing you do use a little or a lot. The lotion is white and very creamy, and the fragrance is very nice. I decided to try this product first as a tanner and then as a tan extender to see which way it worked the best.

I had no tan at all when I started using this product. I used it for one week and after about day 3 I noticed a glow to my skin. The glow was soft, and healthy looking. It provided a great color for a subtle look, but in no way did it compare with a tan. It was a noticeable color though I had positive comments on my complexion the second day after I had started using it. Remember this has no sunscreen in it so if you are going to be out in the sun you need to use something else to protect your skin.

The second experiment I did with the lotion was to try it as a tan extender. I worked on my tan for about a week. After achieving my tan I started using the Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer after showering at the end of the day. It gave my natural tan an added glow and sparkle. I loved it this way it really extended the life of my tan. Normally I would tan one week and then it would start to fade the next week. With this product I kept my tan for almost 3 weeks, and even after my tan was gone I retained the healthy glow of the lotion. I did not streak either and thats the first time that I can say that. I also have somewhat sensitive skin, and this product worked fine.

I would recommend this product very highly. This is a great way to develop a natural glow or to extend and enhance a tan. This product can be purchased at most retail stores that sale tanning products.

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