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Health Benefits of Holy Basil

A small, highly revered medicinal herb, colloquially called “Tulsi”, has been an amazing little plant with immense healing properties. Botanically called Oscimum sanctum, it is commonly found in the sub tropical regions of India. This plant is considered by Hindus as sacred. This is commonly found in Hindu homes at their backyard or potted and maintained by women.

Every part of the plant has medicinal properties due to the presence of slightly pungent, aromatic oil.

The extracts of leaves, stem, seeds and even roots is known to be an effective cure for ailments such as Asthma, Cough, Head aches, Flu, Nasal congestion, body aches, Sore throat, respiratory disorders etc.

Tulsi leaves are eaten green, to be rid of sore throat.

The root extracts along with other herbs like dry ginger, Terminalia (Chebulic Myrobalan) etc. is an instant relief for fever, head ache, allergic bronchitis etc.

The dry leaves and seeds are powdered and snuffed into the nostrils to be immediately relieved of running nose, sneezing, inflammation, head ache etc.

The extracts find use in cosmetics as well, like shampoo, toilet soaps etc. Consuming basil leaves with honey daily for about 6 months, is known to get rid of kidney stones.

Basil leaves have also found use in strengthening heart against heart disorders, beating stress, Mouth disorders, Skin problems, Dental disorders and several other ailments.

Basil is an effective medicine for many of the common ailments in children.

Tulsi is known to sharpen memory and is an excellent remedy for some of the common ailments in children.For all these and many other astonishing properties the Holy Basil has found a very prominent place in most households of India, besides being considered as a symbol of womanhood for married women. It is a very important ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient system of Medicine. These herbal medicines have no side effects when consumed for many chronic ailments.

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