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Cash for trash

Our wise have told us long ago that nothing is a waste in this world. Even the most worthless things in this world can be used for some worthwhile purpose. Only you should know how. President Obama introduced this concept with the Cash for Clunkers program of his. You exchange your old inefficient vehicle for a brand new one and you get money for that. With Cash for Clunkers being a hit, dealers from other fields are also following their counterparts from the automobile industry and coming up with offers to buy old disposable stuff from people and offer them good things in return. I hope you know about Department of Energy’s Energy Star program in which you can exchange your old household appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners for new efficient appliances with the Energy Star label.

Inspired by this concept of converting trash to cash, many garment dealers, toy dealers etc. started offering their goods for old ones. Now you can convert your old CDs, DVDs , books and  iPods into cash as you’re going to get money on exchanging them. This time it’s not the Obama government pushing the projects. Some good dealers have taken it upon themselves to start off this project. Unlike the earlier government programs, this program is not going to take place in real life stores or garages but through online websites. You don’t’ have to carry your material to any sale venue like you did for the cash for clunkers or the energy Star program. You simply have to mail your goods to the websites and they’re going to pay you checks or make money transfers through Paypal. Now that’s a cool deal isn’t it? I think it’s the most convenient thing for you to do, but I wonder if they’ll cover your mailing charges which may turn up to be pretty high. …Hey! I just checked it out and it seems the retailers are going to pay the mailing charges with other services. Now that’s fantastic isn’t it? You really don’t have to worry about anything. You’ve just got to take it to your nearest FedEx venue for mailing your used goods. Now if you’re too lazy for this, there’s very little I can do about it.

Hmmm …so do you think this exchange deal is only about things to your advantage? Of course not! A coin has a flip side too! You might send in your goods in response to a quote made for a certain kind of product. If the dealer’s description does not match that of your used items, the amount of money that they’ll quote or pay for your item will differ from the original quote. For example, if a website promises to offer you $20 for used books, if it finds that your used books are different from what they have specified in their requirements, they are not going to pay the quoted amount. They’re going to pay lesser than what they quoted. The online sites can also reject your mailed goods if they find that you are not paying up some required charges. Well, the advantage that you are going to get from this is that the deals are better than what you’d get by directly interacting with Craiglist or EBay. For mailing books you’d better visit is the website that takes your old CDs.  If you have an old iPod to sell, visit Rapidrepair.

Here are some guidelines for you to see to it that you don’t end up being at a loss because of the whole transaction. First of all, you should see that the website that you’ve chosen to transact with has got a good Better Business Bureau rating. Otherwise you are in for the biggest hassles on your way. You’ll not be paid a fair amount for your old ware or you’ll be charged extra amounts which will surface as hidden costs. If the Better Business Bureau is giving a website under consideration an A grade go for it without any hesitation. But if the grade is not even a B you’d better not try transacting with that website. Visit the BBB customer care officials and find out if the website that you are interested in has any complaints from its users and how the website has resolved those complaints if it has.

It’s always better for you to know the true worth of your used items. Check out for prices at which comparable items are being quoted on EBay, etc. and see if the website that’s buying your old products is doing so at a worthy price.

What you should know when you consider selling your books on Cash4books:

  • The price of used books is determined by their weight and retail values, its demand and the availability. Your text books are going to fetch you more money than paperbacks.
  • You can expect to get anywhere between 57 cents and $120 per book depending upon the salability factors. You can check the quote for a book by entering its ISBN number at the website.
  • Torn and damaged books with lost pages are going to be rejected. This is not one of your trash collectors who’s going to pay you solely on the weight of the books and not on its quality. If you have scribbled something on the books, highlighted or underlined parts, be sure that it’s less than 20 % of your book. Otherwise its going to get rejected for which you’ve got to bear the shipping costs.

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