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Is Corn Healthy for You?

Many people make the assumption that all vegetables are healthy for you. It is thought that if you eat vegetables, regardless of the type that you are eating, you can easily lose weight. While corn may seem like a healthy vegetable to some people, is it really? Here are some of the things that you should know about the nutritional value of corn.

Corn is a Starchy Vegetable

Certain vegetables are healthy, but not quite as healthy as others. This group of vegetables is referred to as “starchy vegetables.” They are often grouped with other starchy foods, such as pasta, because they do not have the same nutritional value as non-starchy vegetables. Corn falls into the category of starchy vegetables. Other starchy vegetables include potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, winter squash and beans.

According to the American Heart Association, starchy vegetables are higher in calories but lower in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Starchy vegetables are also a lot higher in carbohydrates. The average amount of carbohydrates in starchy vegetables is 15 grams of carbohydrates, according to the University of Illinois Extension. This is equal to one half of an English muffin. Foods which are high in carbs can increase blood sugar levels, which means that diabetics should limit their corn intake.

Corn Does Offer Health Benefits

While corn may be considered a starchy vegetable and is not as healthy as certain other vegetables, it does offer some health benefits. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, corn is a source of vitamin C, folate, phosphorous, manganese, thiamin (vitamin B1) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). These vitamins can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, boost memory and provide energy. Corn also does contain some fiber, though it may not offer as much as some vegetables do.

The most important thing to remember is that corn should be enjoyed in moderation. Limit yourself to one ear of corn or an equivalent amount of canned corn. Unlike other vegetables which may not lead to weight gain or a spike in blood sugar levels, corn is not the best choice for individuals who think that it is okay to eat an unlimited amount of fruits and veggies. This does not mean that you should stop eating corn, however, as it is still a source of health benefits. Corn may also be healthier than foods you may consider eating in place of it. For example, eating corn will be much healthier than eating macaroni and cheese or cake.

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Property insurance, Personal property insurance, Commercial property insurance

Life is so uncertain and that’s why you need to protect yourself from all eventualities. Yesterday, some local hooligans entered my property premises and destroyed my garage. Thank God I had insured my property. Otherwise I’d have to pay a big price for that. Calamities, whether natural or manmade can cause havoc and replacing your lost or damaged property can prove to be a costly affair. Therefore insurance is a must. Property insurance also protects you in case any person gets hurt on your property. Here are some suggestions that you can consider while thinking of insuring your property.

What Are The Benefits Of Property Insurance?

Calamities are happening every third day and by insuring your property you are in a better position to get compensation for the damaged or lost property. Do you know that it costs a fortune to rebuild your house with all interior and exterior furnishings and amenities?  Apart from this, you get car insurance, credit card protection and extended warranties as additional perks. If someone happens to get hurt on your property due to his/her own fault, the person can be covered under the plan.

Highest Deductibles Are Beneficial

When you go for insurance always go for ones that come with the highest deductible so that you don’t have to pay high premiums. This way, you are protected without feeling the pinch of high monthly or annual payments going out of your pockets as premiums. Also high deductibles will not cover small claims. As you know making claims is a big hassle and the lesser you go for petty claims the better. In case of property damage you get to concentrate only on the latter.

Get the Best from the Best Company

Nowadays there are many organizations offering insurance. An abundance of choice can be a problem. The agents will try to sell you the ones with high premiums showing you some attractive benefits. You should be careful to choose only those premiums that cater to your purpose. There’s no use taking premiums with apparently a large number of perks that are of no use to you. Also be always watchful of fraudulent companies.

Here are some websites that you could visit to find good companies. , and are a couple of websites that you could refer to for getting to know good insurance companies.

Features You Should Look For 

  • Go for insurance that covers rebuilding costs. When your property is destroyed you’ll want to rebuild it. The costs required for rebuilding might not be the same as before. The coverage will help in rebuilding your property at the present costs.
  • Your property insurance should provide personal property coverage. This is usually 50 % of your replacement coverage. You should see that you get the maximum reimbursement for the items lost or damaged.
  • Good liability coverage is provided under the insurance policy so that you are protected against any lawsuits that are filed against you for any person injuring himself/herself on your property. The liability coverage should be one or two times the value of your assets so that in the case of a lawsuit, you’ll not lose out on any money.
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3 Ways to Make Healthy, Delicious Kung Pao Chicken

You may favor the taste of Kung Pao Chicken in your local Chinese restaurant, but your waistline — or more importantly, your heart — might say otherwise. A normal serving of Kung Pao Chicken equals a staggering 1,400 calories and over 13 grams of fat, making this selection unfit for any diet. Instead, personalize this chicken fan-favorite to remove the fat and calories. Not only is this modified Kung Pao dish more delicious and flavorful, it is exceptionally healthy and packed full of nutrition. Get ready to make Kung Pao Chicken nutritious and healthy with these heart-healthy suggestions.

Delicious Kung Pao Chicken, Less Sauce
Most of the calories in Kung Pao Chicken come from two sources — the unroasted peanuts and Kung Pao’s famous sauce. Traditionally Kung Pao’s famous sauce consists of Hoisin Sauce, Oyster Sauce, and rich Sherry Wine, which easily puts Kung Pao in caloric mayhem. Tone down that mayhem by throwing out the Sherry, tossing away the Oyster Sauce, and replacing Hoisin with Szechuan. Szechuan is not as spicy as its counterpart, so make sure to pair it with ground red pepper. This cuts calories in half, upping its health value and making this sauce friendlier on the heart. Beware, though: Szechuan still packs a lot of sodium, so use it wisely.

More Vegetables, Cut Fat
Kung Pao Chicken is usually heavy on sauce and meat, less on vegetables and healthy additives. Make Kung Pao healthy by increasing the amount of vegetables. Typical favorites are celery and red bell peppers, which easily absorb the flavors from its Szechuan-inspired sauce. Double up these pairings for an extra boost in vitamins and healthy minerals. Don’t be afraid to add in extra vegetables also: broccoli and green peppers are great, healthy substitutes.

Lose the Peanuts
Peanuts are a focal point of this delicious chicken dish — unfortunately, it also accounts for half of its calories. Worse yet, peanuts offer little nutritional value compared to other nuts. Exchange peanuts for healthy, delicious crushed walnuts instead, which offer enough crunch with healthy benefits, including a healthy boost of antioxidants and healthy fats. You’ll find you’ll prefer this nutty version over the predecessor, which offers heart-healthy benefits on top of its nutty, addicting taste.

Ready to make your next Kung Pao dish healthy and delicious? It is possible to make this faved chicken dish healthy for any diet — all you need are a few simple modifications to make it Kung Wow!

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The Top 10 Health Resolutions of 2021

It is the New Year, time for fresh begins, new mindsets and resolutions. Most of us tend to make resolutions related to our health, wellness, and all around well being. I myself am a so called “health nut” and make some sort of health and wellness related resolution every year. Since I was 12 (I am now 25) I have had a great passion for health and wellness. I am constantly reading up on the newest health trends, diets, and exercises. I am a cyclist, runner, climber, and love to eat well and be well.

Here are what I think to be the top 10 health resolutions of 2021. Number one is to start dieting. Two is to stop smoking cigarettes. Three is to get a gym membership. Four is to stop drinking alcohol, soda, or coffee. Five is to get more sleep. Six is to loose those last 10 pounds. Seven is to train for a marathon, triathlon, or some other challenging event. Eight is to eat more vegetables. Nine is to go to yoga, cycling, or some sort of group health class. Ten is to pick up a new activity such as rock climbing, mounting biking, or kayaking. I came up with these as my top 10 based on my own personal experiences, the resolutions I have heard from others over the years, and things I recall reading or hearing.

Resolutions for ones health and wellness are great but keeping them is easier said then done. A good way to make sure you stick to your resolution is to make it an attainable goal. Instead of a health resolution that says “I will go to the gym every day,” having never gone a day in your life, maybe say “I will start off with going to the gym 2-3 days a week and gradually increase my number of days and time at the gym.” If you have a lot of weight to loose, you can start by setting a goal to loose your first 10 pounds and then go from there. With about 1 in 3 Americans being obese, a healthy resolution is a good choice.

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Health Benefits of Holy Basil

A small, highly revered medicinal herb, colloquially called “Tulsi”, has been an amazing little plant with immense healing properties. Botanically called Oscimum sanctum, it is commonly found in the sub tropical regions of India. This plant is considered by Hindus as sacred. This is commonly found in Hindu homes at their backyard or potted and maintained by women.

Every part of the plant has medicinal properties due to the presence of slightly pungent, aromatic oil.

The extracts of leaves, stem, seeds and even roots is known to be an effective cure for ailments such as Asthma, Cough, Head aches, Flu, Nasal congestion, body aches, Sore throat, respiratory disorders etc.

Tulsi leaves are eaten green, to be rid of sore throat.

The root extracts along with other herbs like dry ginger, Terminalia (Chebulic Myrobalan) etc. is an instant relief for fever, head ache, allergic bronchitis etc.

The dry leaves and seeds are powdered and snuffed into the nostrils to be immediately relieved of running nose, sneezing, inflammation, head ache etc.

The extracts find use in cosmetics as well, like shampoo, toilet soaps etc. Consuming basil leaves with honey daily for about 6 months, is known to get rid of kidney stones.

Basil leaves have also found use in strengthening heart against heart disorders, beating stress, Mouth disorders, Skin problems, Dental disorders and several other ailments.

Basil is an effective medicine for many of the common ailments in children.

Tulsi is known to sharpen memory and is an excellent remedy for some of the common ailments in children.For all these and many other astonishing properties the Holy Basil has found a very prominent place in most households of India, besides being considered as a symbol of womanhood for married women. It is a very important ingredient of Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient system of Medicine. These herbal medicines have no side effects when consumed for many chronic ailments.

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Nurses (and Other Healthcare Professionals): A Warning on False Documentation

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are forewarned that in recent years, patients have become more perceptive in regards to overseeing their health care. Patients are taking a more active role in their care and the care of their loved ones.

Many patients require clarification of their health situation and treatments; therefore, they use computers, which disseminate a vast amount of medical information at their educational level. This produces a more knowledgeable patient.

Patients are more aware of their rights to a copy of their medical records, which they can scrutinize for any errors. Many malpractice attorneys are advertising on the internet and disclosing the elements of an eligible claim, even offering free case reviews.

This has increased the likelihood of a malpractice lawsuit. The media publicize debates doctors have with the increasing cost of malpractice insurance and limits of malpractice lawsuits so patients are aware of these issues.

I have a copy of my husband and my hospital records and noted false documentation throughout by the nurses and physicians. While my husband was hospitalized for colon cancer and a resection, I was at his bedside.

I noted how nurses documented a complete initial assessment in his records without touching him.

If his assessments were done as documented, he would not have had to wait 7 days and almost die before receiving emergency surgery for a strangulated herniation.

When I reported the hospital and staff to the Joint Commission, I asked that they pay close attention to the false documentation of care he did not receive.

I remember in nursing school we learned that if it is not documented, it was not done. What if it is documented but not done? That is the definition of false documentation.

In my medical records, false documentation was discovered throughout my emergency room notes. The nurses in triage perform vital signs and send patients back to the waiting room within 10 minutes.

In my records, the triage nurse documented a total assessment including checking my peripheral pulses and pupils. In the documentation, the nurse noted that my back was nontender with full range of motion but I was there for back injury pain due to a herniated disc.

The nurse practitioner also documented a full assessment, she briefly listened to my lungs otherwise she just documented the history of my complaint for the physician.

I have been disabled due a back injury related to a car accident in 2006. I have to inform the disability retirement office that the false assessment and documentation does not reflect my complaint or problem.

When reviewing my records, it appeared as if I was seen in the emergency room requesting analgesics without presenting any physical signs and symptoms. It appeared as if they were dispensing medication without a cause, especially since the medication was a narcotic.

I am in a pain management program but missed my appointment (the nurse practitioner documented that my doctor was on vacation) so I just needed pain medication for 4 days, the next appointment.

I have seen nurses falsely document bowel movements, which the patient has not had for 3-4 days. The patient needlessly suffered nausea, vomiting and poor appetite when it could have been avoided by treating for constipation.

I have taken care of a patient assessed by previous shift nurses who documented pedal pulses were present. The pulses were not only absent but also the foot was blue and cold. Some nurses tend to be too busy to pull the blankets completely off and do a real assessment.

In 1994, I admitted a patient with AIDS and Kaposi’s sarcoma (large purple blister-like lesions rarely seen these days). The next shift nurse was afraid of AIDS patients so she never went near the bed but she documented an assessment. The patient died before morning but she was unaware.

The doctor questioned her regarding his care; she stated he appeared to be breathing when viewed from the doorway on rounds. Apparently, he died 2 hours before the doctor made rounds.

The nurse was removed from patient care and confidential legal action was taken. I gave a deposition of his condition when I signed off but I do not know what else was done. She was placed in the mailroom during investigation and prior to termination.

All healthcare personnel must understand that these legal records are a means for communication between caregivers, therefore if any records are false, negative findings may be omitted causing great harm and even death to the patient. In addition, it can become a legal issue and grounds for malpractice.

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Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: A Healthy Way to Tan

This product drew my attention because it was advertised as a gradual glow. You get maximum color after one week of use. I have used self tanners in the past and I don’t care what the bottle says somehow I managed to streak every time. The color never looks ” Natural” at least they do not work on me. This product taking a gradual approach and describing the color as a ” Glow” was very appealing to me.

I drove to Rite Aid my favorite place to get body care and cosmetics and purchased the product. They also sell a separate product for facial color. The bottle is very pretty and appealing and it dispenses the lotion without a mess allowing you do use a little or a lot. The lotion is white and very creamy, and the fragrance is very nice. I decided to try this product first as a tanner and then as a tan extender to see which way it worked the best.

I had no tan at all when I started using this product. I used it for one week and after about day 3 I noticed a glow to my skin. The glow was soft, and healthy looking. It provided a great color for a subtle look, but in no way did it compare with a tan. It was a noticeable color though I had positive comments on my complexion the second day after I had started using it. Remember this has no sunscreen in it so if you are going to be out in the sun you need to use something else to protect your skin.

The second experiment I did with the lotion was to try it as a tan extender. I worked on my tan for about a week. After achieving my tan I started using the Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer after showering at the end of the day. It gave my natural tan an added glow and sparkle. I loved it this way it really extended the life of my tan. Normally I would tan one week and then it would start to fade the next week. With this product I kept my tan for almost 3 weeks, and even after my tan was gone I retained the healthy glow of the lotion. I did not streak either and thats the first time that I can say that. I also have somewhat sensitive skin, and this product worked fine.

I would recommend this product very highly. This is a great way to develop a natural glow or to extend and enhance a tan. This product can be purchased at most retail stores that sale tanning products.

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How to Get Younger, Fuller, Healthier Looking Hair!

There are many different ways to help your hair look younger, fuller and healthier as you age. Your hair is something that many people notice and it can either help you look young or a lot older. If you are interested in looking a lot younger than your are or just wanting fuller, healthier hair, keep reading to get some great tips on how to do just that!

No matter what you do, you are going to age and so is your hair. The more you age, the more your hair is going to begin to dull, break and even fall out. One of the best ways to make your hair look amazing at any age, is to add some color! The lighter your hair is, the more your face is going to glow. If your hair already dark, you may notice that your skin looks somewhat paler than usual as you begin to age. By just adding a couple of lighter colored highlights, you can take years off your face and make your hair look fuller, younger and healthier!

If you are not interested in having highlights put into your hair, you may consider adding some bangs or layers into your hair. One length hair is something that tends to make the face look as if it is being pulled down and sagging. Adding layers to your hair will help to make it look fuller and it will also give your hair a lighter feel. Adding bangs can help to reduce the notice of any wrinkles that may on the forehead or any other signs of aging. The longer thicker bangs are way better than the short ones that really do not look that well.

The length of your hair says a lot about your age as well. The longer hair style you have, is going to make you look younger. You will have to watch the length though, because to long of hair will make you look a lot older than you are. The best kind of length for anyone is a length that is right below the shoulders, but not farther than the shoulder blade bottoms.

Healthy hair is best displayed when it is shiny and flowing freely. The shinier your hair is, the better! Consider adding shine serum to your shampoo and conditioner routine and it could take years off! If you are someone who spends a lot of time outside, make sure to use products that contain an SPF protector to keep your hair safe from the suns damaging rays. That will help to keep your hair healthy and your looking.

Coloring your hair can have some negative effects if you do not treat your hair well. Make sure to use color-treated shampoos and conditioners to help your hair healthier and younger looking. Using those kinds of things to protect your colored hair, is an awesome way to help make your color last longer and extend the life of your color. It can also help save you money on your color touch ups since you will not be needing it as often.

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The Incredible, Edible Nut: A Healthy and Delicious Snack that Can Help You in Your Fight to Lose Weight

Nuts are considered a quick, healthy and delicious snack suitable for adults and children alike. They provide numerous health benefits including; lowering your bad LDL cholesterol levels, and curbing your appetite, which prevents you from overeating. Nuts are tiny little storehouses of proteins, fats and vitamins, which is why there so good for you. But always remember to eat things in moderation, even those things which are good for you, as nuts are packed full of calories. 1/3 cup of nuts per day is about all you need to reap the health benefits.

It’s been reported by researchers at the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, that nuts can also help in reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. There are many components in the nuts that work for your heart. Its also been shown that people who eat nuts on a regular basis find it easier to maintain a healthy body weight. Studies have shown that people who add 500 calories of nuts to there diets consumer 500 fewer calories form non healthy sources, which provides tremendous health and weight loss benefits.

The high protein and fiber content in nuts may play a very important role in filling up our stomachs so we fill full while eating less and consuming fewer calories. Nuts are also a very good healthy snack for kids, much better than a lot of the traditional snack foods our children fill up on. According to the USDA, about 50% of Americans don’t get enough magnesium in there diets, which can lead to an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Magnesium helps your body absorb nutrients and helps healthy cells grow and divide in our bodies. Nuts are a wonderful and delicious way to provide the magnesium our bodies need to function more efficiently. If you would like more information on the health benefits of nuts visit

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Breaking Health News: Anti-Depressants Do Not Help Bipolar Disorder

Drugs such as lithium can help the effects of mood swings that push and pull people through depression and even mania as a result of bipolar disorder. However, adding a common anti-depressant to the bipolar drug is not helpful to treat the depression.

Extremely depressed people, who suffer from manic depression or hypomanic depression, can become disabled due to the severity of their bipolar disorder. People can stop functioning normally, become suicidal, weak, extremely suspicious, and even acquire strange phobias for short periods of time. Many times these mood and behavior changes can be controlled with lithium. Doctors also tend to prescribe basic antidepressants to treat depression, no matter how severe. But now a new study finds that these antidepressants are not helpful, and can ever make depression and severe mood swings worse.

A huge link to this discovery is that the benefits of using common antidepressants in treating depression associated with bipolar disorder have been rarely research. A common un-researched hypothesis believes that these anti-depressants drugs could actually trigger mania. But a lot of has to do with mis-diagnosis of depression inside of bipolar disorder or putting patients on low doses of antidepressants.

Although anti-depressants could possibly make bipolar disorder and bipolar depression worse, the most common result scientists and health researchers found was that the antidepressants did not work at all. The study these scientists did included 366 bipolar patients with bipolar depression. Half of the patients received lithium-like mood stabilizing drugs with a common antidepressant. The other half received the lithium-like drug and a placebo instead of the antidepressant. The study lasted exactly 26 weeks.

Although this study and its findings have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine in addition to being peer reviewed by other health researchers and scientists, it is unlikely that the findings will impact the the opinions of physicians with bipolar patients. Physicians argue that antidepressants do more good than harm and helps patients even if the antidepressant does not medically help.

If you believe you or someone you know has bipolar disorder, you should see your doctor immediately or have that person see a doctor. Bipolar can be lethal and should not be taken lightly. For more information on bipolar disorder see: or you can call 1-800-273-TALK. This number is for a suicide hot-line, but they can help you find a therapist and help for bipolar disorder.