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Business Startup Plans

Business startup plans require research, objectivity, specificity, time and patience. This is an entrepreneur’s blueprint. This is a football coach’s game plan and a general’s battle plan. In other words, business startup plans are absolutely necessary. This isn’t some document to put together so your company will look good. It is your company’s guide in a sea of sharks.

There is no one way to write a business plan, but there are definitely good ways and bad ways. Good business and marketing plans are incredibly specific and really well thought out. They take into account the company, the market, the competition, the product, the management, finances, and implementation. Many businesses plans neglect to address the actual implementation of the plan, leaving the business owner in limbo.

Small Business Startup Plans

Why do people decide to start new businesses without putting together business startup plans? I believe people should take chances in their lives and follow their dreams. However, I believe people should do this intelligently. No matter how much research you do, you will never eliminate all risk. The only way to eliminate risk is to do nothing, but then you risk misery.

However, jumping in the business world without a plan is like jumping in a sea full of sharks with a bleeding leg. You are asking to get killed. You will never kill off risk, but you can certainly reduce it. In addition, opening and running a business when you have a good plan is so much more enjoyable. Who likes walking around in the woods at night without a flashlight or compass?

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