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What Is An LLC And How To Start One

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity that is created by filing articles of organization with a state, usually with the secretary of state’s office. This form of ownership is very advantageous for the small business owner because it provides the owners with limited liability and is easier to set up then a corporation.

Although many services will charge you a few hundred dollars to create an LLC the process is relatively simple and can be done without the assistance of a service.

Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation are the formation documents for the LLC and are filed as a document available to the public to tell the state and anyone else who wants to know, what the company is about. The most frequently requested information for the articles of incorporation are:

  • The name of the company
  • How many members the company has at the time of organization
  • The physical address and mailing address of the company
  • The name of the organizer (can be someone other than the owners)
  • If the company will continue indefinitely (perpetual) or end on a specific date
  • The purpose or business the company will conduct and what powers it has

Every state has different requirements for what must be included in the articles of organization, but these examples are very typical of what is required. Some states will create the articles of organization for you online, all you have to do is enter the information and pay the fee. The amount of the filing fee depends on the state but are typically around $50-$150.

Most states also require you to designate a registered agent for your company. This is a person or entity that resides or has a place of business in the state and agrees to accept service of process for the company. If you do not live in the state there are companies that will act as your registered agent and perform the requirements as the registered agent according to the laws of the state for a yearly fee.

Operating Agreement

The other requirement for an LLC is to have an operating agreement. Although you don’t usually have to file this document with the state, it is necessary for things such as opening business bank accounts and obtaining loans. This agreement basically covers getting into business, operating the business, and getting out of the business. This is the document you use to determine what interest each person will have in the company, the powers of the company, and the share of profits and losses of each member is set forth.

One of the benefits of the LLC entity is that profits and losses do not have to be shared evenly. A member who puts in work instead of money, for example, may be entitled to only 30% of the profits but still remain liable for an equal share of the losses. This gives members flexibility to bring in members as investors who may have less liability, but share equally in the profits.

Limited Liability

The LLC has limited liability for the members meaning they annot be held personally liable for the company’s debts. Many businesses will require members to sign a personal guaranty where a member agrees to be personally liable for the debt of the company, especially if the company is new in business.

Members may also be held individually liable for their own intentional torts. To maintain the LLC as a separate entity, members should always have separate bank accounts for the LLC and sign company documents as members of the LLC and not as individuals. An LLC is treated as a separate entity from its owners under the law therefore it’s important to make that distinction in record keeping.

Record Keeping

LLC’s are not required to keep minutes or have annual meetings; however it’s never a bad idea to keep these kinds of records to show that the company is separate from its members. The operating agreement and state laws will provide the requirements for what records members must keep. Most states require that LLC’s file a report on its earnings on a biannual basis in order to keep the company active.

Failure to file the reports will result in the company being administratively dissolved by the state. If this occurs and members continue to do business under the LLC they risk being personally liable for the company’s debts.

LLC’s do not have stocks, but may issue member interest certificates to members representing the members interest in the LLC. LLC’s may also prepare resolutions, like corporations, for official actions such as opening bank accounts, securing loans or the buying/selling of membership interests.


By completing a form 8832 an LLC elects how it will be taxed. Most LLC’s choose to be taxed as a partnership which means the tax flows through the entity to the individual members. The individual members pay taxes on their share of the company’s profits or losses in accordance with the operating agreement. An LLC also has the option to be taxed as a corporation, or in the case of a single member LLC the entity may be disregarded altogether for tax purposes. For more information you can go online to the IRS’s website.

Disadvantages of LLC

An LLC is a very flexible entity that can be used by almost any type of business. LLC’s do have limitations, however and the laws surrounding LLC’s have been subject to a great deal of changes in the last few years. It’s difficult to go public with an LLC and to obtain venture capital because of the business structure. Many investors may be more comfortable with the option to purchase stock, because it’s a more familiar instrument.

Whatever entity you choose for your business, make sure to take advantage of professionals who can answer your questions such as attorneys and accountants. Small business incubators and associations are also excellent sources of information for new business ventures.


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Is Corn Healthy for You?

Many people make the assumption that all vegetables are healthy for you. It is thought that if you eat vegetables, regardless of the type that you are eating, you can easily lose weight. While corn may seem like a healthy vegetable to some people, is it really? Here are some of the things that you should know about the nutritional value of corn.

Corn is a Starchy Vegetable

Certain vegetables are healthy, but not quite as healthy as others. This group of vegetables is referred to as “starchy vegetables.” They are often grouped with other starchy foods, such as pasta, because they do not have the same nutritional value as non-starchy vegetables. Corn falls into the category of starchy vegetables. Other starchy vegetables include potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, winter squash and beans.

According to the American Heart Association, starchy vegetables are higher in calories but lower in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Starchy vegetables are also a lot higher in carbohydrates. The average amount of carbohydrates in starchy vegetables is 15 grams of carbohydrates, according to the University of Illinois Extension. This is equal to one half of an English muffin. Foods which are high in carbs can increase blood sugar levels, which means that diabetics should limit their corn intake.

Corn Does Offer Health Benefits

While corn may be considered a starchy vegetable and is not as healthy as certain other vegetables, it does offer some health benefits. According to the World’s Healthiest Foods, corn is a source of vitamin C, folate, phosphorous, manganese, thiamin (vitamin B1) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). These vitamins can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, boost memory and provide energy. Corn also does contain some fiber, though it may not offer as much as some vegetables do.

The most important thing to remember is that corn should be enjoyed in moderation. Limit yourself to one ear of corn or an equivalent amount of canned corn. Unlike other vegetables which may not lead to weight gain or a spike in blood sugar levels, corn is not the best choice for individuals who think that it is okay to eat an unlimited amount of fruits and veggies. This does not mean that you should stop eating corn, however, as it is still a source of health benefits. Corn may also be healthier than foods you may consider eating in place of it. For example, eating corn will be much healthier than eating macaroni and cheese or cake.

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Family Business

If you are thinking about starting a family business, there are many things you need to consider. All of those involved must have an understanding that business must come first in order to be successful. Each role must be defined so there is no question about boundaries and responsibilities. Everyone should be placed in a position within the company that best utilizes their special talent and abilities.

There are many training and retail software programs to use as a tool to get your business off to a solid start. With each family member knowing their responsibility and being adequately trained to fulfill that part of the workload, you are well on your way to being successful. There are financial training packages and software to keep you in control of purchasing and handling the cash flow.

Family Business Is Healthy Business

If you are already an established family business and need to increase the productivity level, why not check out the latest retail software to take the stress out of everyday activities. You can streamline the day-to-day routine and add new vitality to your business environment. Let the technology that is available be the boost you need to take you to the next level.

The Internet is full of great software ideas for either starting a business or improving the one that has been in existence for a long time. Do your research and then decide which program is right for you. There is no need to struggle on your own when there is so much to choose from that will make life easier for you and increase your profit margin at the same time. Don’t delay. Do your online shopping today and have a better tomorrow

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Property insurance, Personal property insurance, Commercial property insurance

Life is so uncertain and that’s why you need to protect yourself from all eventualities. Yesterday, some local hooligans entered my property premises and destroyed my garage. Thank God I had insured my property. Otherwise I’d have to pay a big price for that. Calamities, whether natural or manmade can cause havoc and replacing your lost or damaged property can prove to be a costly affair. Therefore insurance is a must. Property insurance also protects you in case any person gets hurt on your property. Here are some suggestions that you can consider while thinking of insuring your property.

What Are The Benefits Of Property Insurance?

Calamities are happening every third day and by insuring your property you are in a better position to get compensation for the damaged or lost property. Do you know that it costs a fortune to rebuild your house with all interior and exterior furnishings and amenities?  Apart from this, you get car insurance, credit card protection and extended warranties as additional perks. If someone happens to get hurt on your property due to his/her own fault, the person can be covered under the plan.

Highest Deductibles Are Beneficial

When you go for insurance always go for ones that come with the highest deductible so that you don’t have to pay high premiums. This way, you are protected without feeling the pinch of high monthly or annual payments going out of your pockets as premiums. Also high deductibles will not cover small claims. As you know making claims is a big hassle and the lesser you go for petty claims the better. In case of property damage you get to concentrate only on the latter.

Get the Best from the Best Company

Nowadays there are many organizations offering insurance. An abundance of choice can be a problem. The agents will try to sell you the ones with high premiums showing you some attractive benefits. You should be careful to choose only those premiums that cater to your purpose. There’s no use taking premiums with apparently a large number of perks that are of no use to you. Also be always watchful of fraudulent companies.

Here are some websites that you could visit to find good companies. , and are a couple of websites that you could refer to for getting to know good insurance companies.

Features You Should Look For 

  • Go for insurance that covers rebuilding costs. When your property is destroyed you’ll want to rebuild it. The costs required for rebuilding might not be the same as before. The coverage will help in rebuilding your property at the present costs.
  • Your property insurance should provide personal property coverage. This is usually 50 % of your replacement coverage. You should see that you get the maximum reimbursement for the items lost or damaged.
  • Good liability coverage is provided under the insurance policy so that you are protected against any lawsuits that are filed against you for any person injuring himself/herself on your property. The liability coverage should be one or two times the value of your assets so that in the case of a lawsuit, you’ll not lose out on any money.
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Home Automation – Making your Life Easier

It is quite amazing to find out movies which function automatic devices. They appear impossible to own in real existence. But it isn’t all camera tricks. Due in order to todays extremely sophisticated technologies, automated products and gadgets are in fact possible. You may have it within your house. Home automation is becoming widely obtainable particularly within wealthy countries. People who’ve it inside their homes say it is the main house, such as outdoor in addition to indoor adornments. These house automation gadgets are very important with the people, but there’s also those that regard it just like a waste associated with money or just a foolish gadget.

One house automation control has become able to control several devices and create a chain result of events to occur with the click from the button. Imagine this for just about any moment whenever you awaken each morning rather than the alarm time clock waking an individual… you awaken for the favorite XM stop, the warmth kicks on because the floor will probably be too chilly in order to stroll on, your electrical shades open to allow the real mornings gentle to fill your space & your personal TV occurs using the actual morning info!


Modern DIY House Automation systems are associated with home protection functionalities that attempt to protect your house and family members. For instance, if you’ve chose to continue a vacation along with your family, you can prevent criminals through busting in by simply installing a home automation program. You may then program your personal entertainment in addition to lighting system to show on off at various times in the day to supply the impact that somebody reaches home. This is often a simple protection method which will keep burglars out of your home. No thief may care to burgle the actual seemingly completely busy home. You are capable of doing this along with activating your house security system, which may anyhow notify you when anybody enters your house.

Home automation technology has become affordable towards the most popular guy as you will discover a lot of providers regarding these techniques. Stanley House Automation Program is a particular manufacturer that offers home automation methods. They marketplace their own items at aggressive prices and so are very popular one of the shoppers.

Home automation methods have created existence easier. The system can help you manage your time and energy better and therefore assistance to lessen stress. DIY Home Automation methods are gradually becoming popular and extremely soon it’ll be used by those individuals who believe it is beneficial within preserving their energy. This unique technology has become easily accessible in stores just about everywhere.

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Interest Your Child in Religion: Introduce Catholicism Into Everyday Life

Most Catholic parents would like to think they can raise a child who is interested in Catholic life. Find out how to introduce your child to religion in a natural way.

How ever committed you are to Catholicism, it doesn’t always follow that your child will share your interests. With so many outside influences and a media which gives limited publicity to religion, it can seem almost impossible to bring Catholicism into everyday life. However, with a positive approach and some forward planning, you can bring religion into the heart of family life.

How to Bring Catholicism into Family Life

Bringing Catholic practices into everyday family life needn’t be a huge task. The key is to take a slow and steady approach and let things unfold naturally. If you approach the subject as a huge issue, there’s a good chance your child will feel afraid and rebel. Instead, aim to bring Catholic issues and ideas into the conversation and everyday life in a natural and unforced way.

On Catholic feast days, mention that it’s a special day and why. It can be difficult for children to understand why Catholics celebrate certain days of the year. For example, the feast day of St Francis of Assisi is an interesting feast for children, because of the connection with animals. Plan some interesting activities, maybe a nature walk or a collage of animals. The theme doesn’t have to be religious, it’s enough to start with that you’ve introduced the saint and the key ideas.

Cookery and craft projects are another way to interest your child in religion. Pancakes for the start of lent and a yule log for the beginning of advent are just two possibilities. You could create an advent calendar with drawings from the nativity story or an Easter drawing showing the joy of nature and new life.

Introduce a simple prayer at the start of mealtimes. If this is something your family have never done, start once a week, perhaps at Sunday lunch and let family members take turns to say a prayer, stating their own intentions. If children are allowed to participate, the ritual will mean more to them.

Introducing Children to Catholic Saints

The lives of the Catholic saints are a clever way to introduce children to the unique and varied Catholic heritage. There are so many saints that there are sure to be some which would interest your child. For example, Saint George, patron saint of England is perfect for boys interested in swords, knights and dragons. St Hilda of Whitby is an inspiring role model for pre-teen girls, with her example of leading a monastery of both men and women some 1400 years ago.

There are a number of Catholic websites with interesting resources and activities suitable for children. Some feature printable coloring sheets or projects such as creating a Mary altar at home.

As with all other aspects of this topic, the key is to keep things natural and only bring up the subject when it occurs naturally or you see a good opportunity. If you mention aspects of Catholicism as normally as you would any other subject, it should seem an ordinary and acceptable part of life to your child.

How to Interest Children in the Bible

Many adults struggle with parts of the Bible and perhaps feel unsure of how to interest their children when they don’t fully understand the Bible themselves. This is your opportunity to brush up on your knowledge. If there’s something you’re unsure about, you and your child can find the answer together. There are many good Bible stories for children with interesting illustrations and carefully chosen selections for particular age groups.

Bedtime can be a good time to read an occasional story from the Bible. Many stories from the bible are as interesting as any picture book for children. Noah’s ark, the tower of babel and the loaves and fishes are just a few action-packed stories to which children can relate.

Keep an illustrated bible in one of the family rooms and now and again, suggest a look through the pages. Intersperse Bible tales with other stories and watch them become a part of everyday life.

Keep things light, make your activities entertaining and be prepared to answer questions from your curious and interested child!

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Life Balance Coaching

Life balance coaching is a delicate art form. How many people do you know who are able to successfully juggle a career, a relationship, a family, and the constant shuffling about of friends and acquaintances? If the answer is not many, there’s probably a good reason for this.

In recent years, it seems the pace of life has accelerated about one-hundred-fold. Part of this is attributable to technology, which has sped up everyone’s lives. Now that we’re all constantly wired in 24 hours a day, it’s hard to know when or how to shut off. As a result, there’s less and less of a distinction between public and private life. In the old days, people came home from work to spend time with their families. Now, just as many people take their work home.


What Life Balance Coaching Teaches

The first thing that life balance coaching recognizes is that most people simply don’t have the tools to make everything work all the time. Once you’ve resigned yourself to this reality, you can abandon the pipe dream of keeping ten balls in the air at the same time. There are only so many hours in a day, which means there’s a finite number of things that you can accomplish.

The upshot of this, as your life balance coach can attest, is that you must make some decisions. Are you going to focus on your day job? Your moonlighting gig? Your family? Your health? Maybe you can pull two or three of these elements together to form a wholly satisfying life. With the help of a coach, you can start winnowing down your options and determine for yourself what holds the most value for you in your life and where your attention should be focused.

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Internet Businesses For Sale

If you are tired of your current job and want to try something new, you may want to look at internet businesses for sale. Purchasing an internet business will allow you to have more control over your work environment and to work from the comfort of your home. It may take a lot of work, but you will never have to answer to a boss again when you are running your own internet business.


Options of Internet Businesses for Sale

There are many available internet businesses for sale and most of them are listed all over the Internet. You should choose a business that interests you and that you can run effectively. You may want to search through categories of businesses that relate to you and your talents. For instance, if you have experience in retail, you can purchase a business dedicated to internet shopping.

When searching for internet businesses for sale, you should carefully view the websites that are designed for each business. Good websites will look clean and professional and will be easy to read and understand. The colors and design should be attractive and appropriate to the type of business being promoted. The message associated with the business should also be clear on the home page of the website.

Speed is another important factor for a good website. If a website is slow, visitors may get frustrated and will likely leave the site quickly. The graphics and layout should be eye-catching and enticing to viewers as well. A website that is bold, easy to understand, and has a quick pace is great for a new internet business. Purchasing pre-established businesses and websites will help you to get started quickly on a new internet business.

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3 Ways to Make Healthy, Delicious Kung Pao Chicken

You may favor the taste of Kung Pao Chicken in your local Chinese restaurant, but your waistline — or more importantly, your heart — might say otherwise. A normal serving of Kung Pao Chicken equals a staggering 1,400 calories and over 13 grams of fat, making this selection unfit for any diet. Instead, personalize this chicken fan-favorite to remove the fat and calories. Not only is this modified Kung Pao dish more delicious and flavorful, it is exceptionally healthy and packed full of nutrition. Get ready to make Kung Pao Chicken nutritious and healthy with these heart-healthy suggestions.

Delicious Kung Pao Chicken, Less Sauce
Most of the calories in Kung Pao Chicken come from two sources — the unroasted peanuts and Kung Pao’s famous sauce. Traditionally Kung Pao’s famous sauce consists of Hoisin Sauce, Oyster Sauce, and rich Sherry Wine, which easily puts Kung Pao in caloric mayhem. Tone down that mayhem by throwing out the Sherry, tossing away the Oyster Sauce, and replacing Hoisin with Szechuan. Szechuan is not as spicy as its counterpart, so make sure to pair it with ground red pepper. This cuts calories in half, upping its health value and making this sauce friendlier on the heart. Beware, though: Szechuan still packs a lot of sodium, so use it wisely.

More Vegetables, Cut Fat
Kung Pao Chicken is usually heavy on sauce and meat, less on vegetables and healthy additives. Make Kung Pao healthy by increasing the amount of vegetables. Typical favorites are celery and red bell peppers, which easily absorb the flavors from its Szechuan-inspired sauce. Double up these pairings for an extra boost in vitamins and healthy minerals. Don’t be afraid to add in extra vegetables also: broccoli and green peppers are great, healthy substitutes.

Lose the Peanuts
Peanuts are a focal point of this delicious chicken dish — unfortunately, it also accounts for half of its calories. Worse yet, peanuts offer little nutritional value compared to other nuts. Exchange peanuts for healthy, delicious crushed walnuts instead, which offer enough crunch with healthy benefits, including a healthy boost of antioxidants and healthy fats. You’ll find you’ll prefer this nutty version over the predecessor, which offers heart-healthy benefits on top of its nutty, addicting taste.

Ready to make your next Kung Pao dish healthy and delicious? It is possible to make this faved chicken dish healthy for any diet — all you need are a few simple modifications to make it Kung Wow!

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Alarm Systems An important Necessity

Watching the news alone could make someone interested in investing in a home alarm system to keep them safe as well as secure. It will even give them independence from worrying regarding burglaries or house invasions.

Today, a house alarm system is actually manufactured by various companies to ensure function at serious times. Also, these manufacturers are constantly trying to provide improved processes to sell to residents for that protection of their house and personal possessions. Most systems include an alarm as well as control panels which will have a choice to alert authorities within an emergency.


Alarm Systems

An advanced system might be equipped with individual controls for particular first responders, for example police or fireplace fighters. A monitoring company could be on hand in case your alarm goes off while nobody is at house. They will get in touch with the responders required. Some homeowners request how the monitoring staff gets in touch with them first to confirm that they’re not home. In this instance, if they don’t here from the actual homeowner, they may confirm the security alarm.

Sensors are positioned on entrances from the exterior, such as windows and doors. These are installed in the proper locations to ensure the signaling from the alarm. There are additionally sensors installed through the alarm company which will set off the alert regarding glass being broken. These are helpful for those who have a sliding cup door. They can end up being beneficial if positioned a distance as high as ten feet.

With regard to detecting an unfamiliar person, you will require a motion sensor that’s usually placed close to an entry point of the house. It will additionally detect ground motion if placed the correct distance from the actual entrance. These are the fundamental parts of a house alarm system but there are lots of additional options which may be advantageous to your own security needs. Is the family protected? IP security cameras permit you to monitor your home from all over the world. Find out much more about IP protection systems now.