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Tips on Saving Money on Household Expenses

Become a Kitchen-Queen By Saving Your Financial Kingdom!!

The Recession has brought down so many Giants and financial Kings on the earth. Those who were donating millions of dollars are fully packed with the loan paying. The entire business cycle is being slashed and also the financial motivators have become just stunned viewers. It’s just like an earth quake where the entire geographical structure is being refreshed. Same way, this Recession has changed the entire dimension of financial structure!!

But, this recession has some good sides also, we should never forget them!! Recession played the dashing role of an awakening call as we just got aware of so many financial terms and conditions of ours which otherwise would have never been possible!! This Recession taught us to save, which is the basic lesson of all the financial Bibles. “Save money, to save life” is the prime funda which every one of us will have to understand and implement in practical life. Recession made us thinking seriously on that topic.

Here are some of the tips for one of the biggest expense making sector of household, Kitchen!! The way, Foreign Minister is liable for the external affairs and Home Minister is liable for the internal development, the Kitchen holders should play the role of Home Minister. But, this Recession has increased the responsibility of the Home Minister and has increased it to fulfil the role of Finance Minister also!! So, make some of the very smaller changes in the Kitchen purchasing habits and add a good amount of savings to your Savings Account. Let’s have a glimpse on those tips.

Don’t get your Milk from the Grocery stores or the Departmental Stores.

Generally, we have the habit of buying everything from one place and also the concept of Departmental stores is derived from the same. It’s good when we get some additional comfort either in physical carrying or in the discount in buying. That’s no where an issue, but we should definitely consider the rate comparison and if the rate difference varies to a larger collective amount, we should give the monitory factor more weightage.

For example, Milk is the product in US which is sold at around $3.19-3.75 in the Departmental or any of the Grocery stores which has the specification of the grocery products. But, if you ask to any of the nearby general shop, you’ll get it in round about $2.49 per gallon. Now, even though this amount seems you very marginal ones but just calculate the total effect after a month or a year if you are using 4 gallons Milk every week. You’ll be saving $22.50 per month and that comes to $270 per year!! So, why to waste this amount just for the sake of our habit? In these crises every single penny maters, what say?

Say NO to bottled water

You must have heard this sentence everywhere by the environment lovers. The bottled water is a tap water and it comes in the plastic gallons or containers. This plastic takes at least 300 years to get disposed. Plastic is the biggest enemy of the environment as it can not be disposed even by burning!!

But, what we are talking is the financial terms. The bottle of 20 oz will cost you more $1.50. Now, by paying this amount you are making no use as you can get the same tap water at your faucet and also if you believe them to be purer than that faucet water (which definitely is a probability!!) even then the water purifier will cost you cheaper overall. Even if we thing that a normal human being need of water is at least 40 oz, you will save $90 per month and that can be $1000per year. Is that a smaller amount you feel? Paying $1000 per year for the stuff which is also harmful for the environment is definitely a waste, don’t you think so?

Don’t change your shopping destination

Changing the shopping destination is not for the financial reasons but for the psychological reasons. When you visit the familiar place of yours you never wander for “something new” funda. It’s a psychology of every human being that they all the time desires something new and some of the buying are motivated by this psychology and curiousness only.

So, whenever you visit the new place there are bound to have the extra expense for those curious buying’s. It’s definitely recommended that if you stick to the same place of the shopping, you’ll be aware of the prices and products and therefore the chances of being cheated are also eliminated. As you are aware of all the products, it will be saving the extra time to wander for something new also. So, save the most precious wealth of your life, time and money by sticking the same shopping destination. After all, sticking to one is always fruitful, right? What’s your experience?!!

Look for the “SALE!!”

It sounds unfamiliar and downmarket? But it’s not. I feel there is nothing wrong to get the products in the lesser amount if the Company wishes to do so!! There are so many products and appliances which are put on the sale for any of the reasons. You just have to get aware of those offers and sometimes just have to be flexible for shifting the brands or habits. It may be difficult initially, but if it saves money, it’s rocking!!

For example, you are using the nail polish of a particular brand and when you visit the shop, you come to know that the rival brand has a sale and it saves a good amount of yours as you have an ample use of nail polish overall. What would you do? I feel if the quality of that product is not the inferior, once we should try out as it saves a good amount of money and never the less, they are just going to do the same job of painting the nails, right? Think!!

Moral of the Story

So, when you are the finance minister of your home, you must see towards the smallest and penny saving factors. The sea is made of drops only!! So, try hard to save even the smallest amount as it increases the habit of savings at least!!

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