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What an intimidating concept “life improvement” seems to be. If you could even sit down and take stock of everything you’d like to improve in your life, that in itself might seem like a crowning achievement. There’s more money to make, more books to read, a better body to build, and so many more places to travel. So how does one person set about making all these changes on his or her own?

They don’t. Instead, they hire a life coach to help them take inventory of their lives, then make some hard choices. As any good business person will tell you, it’s impossible to increase your revenues if you don’t know how much you’re making right now. The same holds true with life improvement. To know what you want to fix and how you want to fix it, you must first take stock of what’s broken. Problem is, many people aren’t objective enough to make this assessment about themselves.


Where a Life Improvement Coach Comes In

Fortunately, a life improvement coach does have the distance to analyze your situation in an objective manner. He or she may look at your marriage or relationship, your job, and your house, then combine those observations with things he or she notices about your disposition. If you’re angry, aggressive, meek, excitable, or analytical, your personal life coach can use these impressions to help suggest a sustainable course for you.

The world of self-improvement is far from black and white or “one size fits all.” A strategy that’s proven effective for one client may turn out to be totally ruinous for another, and vice versa. First sit down with a life coach and take inventory. You may find that you already possess a great many tools and resources. In reality, a life coach is the one who can best help you exploit them as well as seek out new ones.

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