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Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Healthy

It can really be a challenge to keep your bathroom clean and healthy. This is especially true when you have children. Bathrooms are one the most difficult locations in the house to keep clean, and fresh. Below you will find some simple ideas and suggestions on how you can keep your bathroom, healthy, and clean.

The first thing you will want to do is get the right cleaning supplies. This means that you will need cleaning supplies, that is healthy for you and your family. Homemade cleaning materials are often the best type of cleaning materials to use. You can find plenty of articles online on how to make your own cleaning products. Many of these mixes including baking soda, which is usually the main ingredient. Once you have all of your homemade cleaning items all mixed you can get started by placing them in well labeled plastic jars and lock them into a cabinet. Be sure that you still lock the cabinet up so that no little hands will get into the cabinets.

To make sure that your bathroom is always clean and healthy you will need to clean it in the morning. I prefer to clean it after everyone has finished getting up and washing up for the morning. Since most families have to be out of the home by a certain time, this is pretty simple to do. Just schedule a bit of time, in the morning to clean up the bathroom. You will probably only need about fifteen minutes to get the bathroom neat and tidy in the morning. Be sure to hang up any towels so that they can completely dry. The same goes for washcloths. Avoid putting the washcloths on top of the towels. This will cause the washcloths to hold their moisture, which can cause mold to grow. Each item should have their own separate spot, to dry. Next on the must clean list is the tub. It will not take much time to scrub down the walls in the tub, as well as the tub itself. Mold certainly grows in the bathtub. The shower curtain and decorations that you may have on the outside of your tub should only be cleaned once a month. Most of these items can be placed into a washing machine and cleaned quite easily. The soap dish should be wiped out and dried, so that no moisture is left. Many choose to use the hand soap dispensers instead of the bar soaps to avoid this type of problem. Last but certainly not least you will need to make sure the toilet is nice and clean, inside and out. This is where most of the germs tend to stay for the day, so you will want to make sure that it is nice and clean before you leave the house.

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