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The Top 10 Health Resolutions of 2021

It is the New Year, time for fresh begins, new mindsets and resolutions. Most of us tend to make resolutions related to our health, wellness, and all around well being. I myself am a so called “health nut” and make some sort of health and wellness related resolution every year. Since I was 12 (I am now 25) I have had a great passion for health and wellness. I am constantly reading up on the newest health trends, diets, and exercises. I am a cyclist, runner, climber, and love to eat well and be well.

Here are what I think to be the top 10 health resolutions of 2021. Number one is to start dieting. Two is to stop smoking cigarettes. Three is to get a gym membership. Four is to stop drinking alcohol, soda, or coffee. Five is to get more sleep. Six is to loose those last 10 pounds. Seven is to train for a marathon, triathlon, or some other challenging event. Eight is to eat more vegetables. Nine is to go to yoga, cycling, or some sort of group health class. Ten is to pick up a new activity such as rock climbing, mounting biking, or kayaking. I came up with these as my top 10 based on my own personal experiences, the resolutions I have heard from others over the years, and things I recall reading or hearing.

Resolutions for ones health and wellness are great but keeping them is easier said then done. A good way to make sure you stick to your resolution is to make it an attainable goal. Instead of a health resolution that says “I will go to the gym every day,” having never gone a day in your life, maybe say “I will start off with going to the gym 2-3 days a week and gradually increase my number of days and time at the gym.” If you have a lot of weight to loose, you can start by setting a goal to loose your first 10 pounds and then go from there. With about 1 in 3 Americans being obese, a healthy resolution is a good choice.

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