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There are several posts, news and mainstream media is making a lot of fuss about Paul Ryan’s decision of handing over the Medicare to the private entities. However, all these gossip will be muted if the public poll is taken. The new decision has been taken in order to reshape the Medicare program and Medicaid programs in the US. The decision aims to give leverage to the Medicare program so that most of the benefits are offered as per the discretionary power of the state. The same is on the eligibility of the program which will be controlled by the State as well. The new consensus will make the essential program into a block grant and would radically change the resent system for the good of the people employing it.

The Republicans are strongly in the hope that the new program will attract huge fund from the tax payers and this will prompt the banks to publicize the privatization of the Medicare at a large scale. In fact his idea doesn’t needs to much of campaign to earn the faith of the fellow Americans. Surveys conducted over the common people revealed that they are not against the idea of replacing the government run Medicare with the privatized health care system. The Republicans won’t have a heck of the time to earn the confidence of the common Americans. The public attitude has already changed radically and a large number of people are relying on the privatized Medicare system that has been proposed by the Republicans. In fact the campaign of the Republicans to make the people realize the need to privatize the Medicare system has been executed successfully and the current attitude of the people manifest this truth without a hitch.

The current state of the Republicans in terms of Medicare shows of the immense aid they are receiving from the private insurance companies. Moreover the faith of public over this issue is one more factor that Republicans may win the race. But amidst all the state of economy remains the moot point.

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