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What Directions Are You Taking With Your Finances

I want to share with my readers the gift that God has given to me regarding finances. I would like to help you decide what to do with your finances within spiritual and Biblical aspects.

God has entrusted us with all the finances. When it comes to money, biblical principals must come first. First off, God gives us the means to obtain the money(see next segment). We have jobs or businesses were we have an income. This income (finances) help us to buy cars, homes, and provide food for our families; our money allows us to take care of our bare necessities.

Taking care of these necessities with the right financial mindset, means knowing where it all comes from and why. The directions you take regarding your faith and finances will set in motion the blessings needed to be financially successful.

Being a tither, a giver, and a person that takes action in planning (finances, business, life, etc) is a step in the right direction.

Where Does Money Come From?

Your money is a blessing, and it ALL comes from God. He gave you the means to get the job; knowledge, experience, and time. Once you understand this concept deep in your psychic, you will realize that you do not need a financial coach. As a person of faith you only need one or two manuals on finance and the first one is the Bible. If at some point God blesses you with more money than you can hold in a jar, you may need a financial adviser. This adviser will help with your retirement and leaving money behind for your children and/or spouse.

Now that you know where the money comes from, you will understand that you need to sow back into building God’s kingdom. That means, in tithe and offerings for your church home. Some people do not understand the concept of biblical giving; one you are blessed, you need to be a blessing. Are you ready to do what is needed to be continuously blessed.

I am here to help you understand that your spiritual and walk with the Lord will help you figure out your finances.
Stay tuned.

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